OBLIVION  for the completely oblivious

By Justin  www.projectunveil.wordpress.com  5/14/2013

First off I’ll say that I loved the movie, the cinematography and music composition were stunning, so much so that it caught me completely off guard. I suppose that’s part of it’s purpose. I didn’t notice any underline theme and it took a friend to later point it out to me, but once he had, it was stunningly obvious what the subliminal message was.

When making statements like this, I don’t mean to say that I believe behind every movie is a dark and sinister director who knows precisely what he is doing, and to what purpose it will serve. However, I do believe that there are elements at work that do infiltrate the weak minded and easily manipulable, those who are not aware of the “Cosmic war” that is in full motion. I am convinced that – Our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities,against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms. (Ephesians 6:12) And so I believe there are elements at work which may perhaps be fully aware of what they are doing while at the same time some may not, however, the objective is still accomplished.

That said, I will take a moment to look at this movie with the back drop of Revelations to give a comparison to events outlined and predicted to unfold.

And I John saw the holy city, new Jerusalem, coming down from God out of heaven, prepared as a bride adorned for her husband.(Revelations 21:2)

And the city lieth foursquare, and the length is as large as the breadth: and he measured the city with the reed, twelve thousand furlongs. The length and the breadth and the height of it are equal. (Revelations 21:16)

There are only 2 dimensions which these measurements can fit, either a cube or a pyramid. I wont go to in depth as to why I believe it to represent a pyramid. Aside from Lucifer taking the most precious things of God and polluting them for his own purpose, lets not forget in Daniels dream (Daniel 2) he saw a stone  that  became a great mountain and filled the whole earth. Mountains generally don’t take the shape of a cube.

So here we see a giant pyramid. In the beginning of this movie you are led to believe this giant “Mothership” is benevolent in nature, and here to replenish the earth and watch over its keeping. Only towards the end of this movie do you learn the true nature and intent of this  evil entity who claims before its destruction to be our “god”!

The lead character, Jack, has been duped the entire time only to find at the end that he was fighting on the wrong side. He believed to be fighting for humanity only to find he was in fact a lead perpetrator of its complete annihilation.

I cant help but feel this is another one of those movies that unknown to the viewer, fills their minds with pre-programmed logic and thought, that when faced with the very real, similar situations soon to come, their thinking process and thereby actions towards these events will already be programmed and designed to have only one outlook and understanding of these particular scenarios and events.


I want to post an older article I wrote on a very similar topic. It goes to show how media (again, perhaps aware or unaware) are outlining and manipulating these events described in prophetic scripture to their own purpose and end. Here is an article published over a year ago.

A DEEPER LOOK AT SCI-FI  PROPAGANDA                                      a common thread linking them all together

By Justin                                                                                                                                                                      June 15 2012                                                                                                            www.projectunveil.wordpress.com

Lets just pretend for a moment that there is a hidden agenda behind some of Hollywood’s biggest blockbusters. And if so, what is the idea they are intentionally trying to implant in the viewers mind, and for what purpose?

Follow me as we take a quick glimpse through some of these films as I  lay out the story line in a very simple and concise fashion. At the end I will give my thoughts  regarding the common thread you will see laced throughout each one.

THE AVENGERS….. An other worldly entity brings an invading army to Earth to destroy, conquer and subject humanity to fall on their knees in worship to him. Humanity is then forced to unite and summon the finest among them who have been endowed with super human abilities through means of scientific engineering (trans-humanism) or other worldly powers that have been given them. Along with a non human “god”  they unite to destroy this invading “evil”.

X MEN….. There had been some what of a phenomenon in which humans had been given super human abilities through DNA enhancements or scientific manipulations. These           “X men” were then united for the purpose of saving Earth from evil men who’s  intentions were the destruction of mankind.

BATTLE LA….. The armies of the Earth must face this destructive force who have come to annihilate mankind. Together and in the face of insurmountable odds they defeat the invading alien armies.

PROMETHEUS……..In search for the answers of who we are and where did the human race originate from, these traveling on the spaceship Prometheus discover our origins only to find that our creators intentions were purely evil and had in mind the destruction of planet Earth.

COWBOYS AND ALIENS……. An aggressive alien ship comes to earth  abducting humans and mining our resources. Another worldly entity presents herself as a helper to direct and encourage the humans to unite and then fight against these terrible aliens.

TRANSFORMERS…….. Robotic type aliens from space with ancient roots tied to human history return to Earth to support the humans in a war against an on coming invading force. These two forces were at one time united but because of a rebellion they were divided and now the stage for their final battle is located on planet Earth.  Involving very much the humans the “Autobots”  declare their support for their race and unite with them to destroy the invaders coming from space.

THE GREEN LANTERN……..There is an evil in the universe with an enormous destructive power…. it is headed to Earth. A secret source of power has been given to a human from an angelic alien entity. This power has come from the realm of these angelic warriors.With this power this human is then capable of defeating this coming destroyer…..yes, with the intent to consume planet Earth.

CLOVERFIELD…… Humanity is caught unawares to an enormous alien being who is on a course of absolute destruction. Confusion soon ensues but with the use of weaponry and technology they eventually destroy this hideously evil, unearthly being.

SKYLINE…… A presence from outer space arrives on Earth with technologies that far surpass any human capabilities. They are here with an evil agenda which involves a “rapture” or ” taking away” of humans into their ships to be used for purposes unthinkable.  With this one, the viewers are left questioning whether or not humanity will come out through this terrible invasion.

WAR OF THE WORLDS……. There is an enormous army that has arrived on planet Earth. The purpose of their invasion is soon made clear – use planet Earth for its resources, destroy anything or anyone that poses a threat, sustain humanity to be used as a fertilizer so that this their new planet can be made suitable for their purpose. However, they are soon destroyed by their own devices.

INDEPENDENCE DAY……. There is a sudden realization that we are not alone and that these the invaders from space are here with a hostile intent….. Destroy Earth!  Soon, with the unity of the worlds people and their amazing capabilities, science and reverse engineering they out smart these ruthless invaders and in turn bring about their destruction.


1) Evil invading force with an unquenchable desire for the destruction and annihilation of humanity.

2) Humanity unites around a worthy cause to save themselves from the invaders.

3) Some humans have been given superhuman abilities from  unearthly angelic entities who have offered their service to the humans for the purpose of raising them up to be capable of defending planet earth and attacking a common enemy.

4) Other humans are endowed with amazing abilities through the means of scientific manufacturing or DNA manipulation.

5) Together now with their capabilities, strength and know-how, the human race rises to the occasion to defeat this consuming evil and bring it to its knees or utter destruction.


Well maybe because it is or should be  familiar to us. However, many have not been able to decifer or interpret the hidden intent of this enormous propoganda warfare presented by Hollywood and the powers which control it.

This is the picture they are now plastering in the minds of the world so when this “invasion” does come, people will already have been  presented with an alternative view and a different  understanding for interpreting the circumstances.

Yes, this is the same invasion referred to in scripture. We find that in the prophetic book of Revelations there will be an invading army that will come out of the sky with the purpose of destruction. However it is imperative we understand why and for what reason.

In each one of these movies the viewer is left with an incredible sense of “evil” from these invading army’s, and rightfully so. The way they are depicted and represented by Hollywood   clearly leaves no reason for anyone to take sides in the issue. There is only ONE rightful choice. That is – UNITE AS ONE WORLD, TAKE WHAT IS PRESENTED TO US BY OTHER UNEARTHLY ANGELIC BEINGS WHO SAY THEY HAVE OUR BEST INTERESTS IN HAND, ALLOW FOR THE USE OF DNA MANIPULATION TO BRING HUMANITY TO A HIGHER EXISTENCE (Trans-humanism)! And if you do not stand for this, then you are clearly against humanity and you are to be destroyed!

Do you now see where this is leading? ………. Yes, I have enough sense to understand that they are here saying through Hollywood (a source that people don’t question the motives of at all, and therefore are left completely open to propaganda) that Jesus’ return will be just that….. This is that evil we as the world must unite and fight against, with the help of our good angelic buddies.

Don’t be left ignorant and without a mind to think for yourselves. The Bible states that ”Because they refuse to love and accept the truth that would save them, for this reason God sends them a powerful delusion so that they will believe the lie.” 2 Thes. 2:10,11

Without understanding for what reason God, His Son Jesus Christ and the Hosts of Heaven are coming to earth you will be left in Awe and with only one thought in your mind – that of what Hollywood and the powers behind it have placed there. Is that really the best source to base your logic and understanding from?

I find it so appalling how they even tried to make the character of Loki from the Avengers a representation of  Christ. We know that Jesus will return as King of Kings and Lord of Lords and that we as humans will fall under His authority as opposed to the worlds current authority – Lucifer. This will be a world of justice, peace and the light of the Creator of all things – God.  So when Loki demands humanity to fall on their knees and worship him, it is inevitable that they would be filled with a certain rebellion against such demands.

It is imperative that we have a basic understanding of what took place in and throughout history in regards to the angelic beings who rebelled against God. Just like it was represented in the movie Transformers (with of course the good and bad guys being reversed for their agenda) these angelic beings came to earth giving mankind secrets and technologies that directly opposed the Creators purpose. Leaving humanity with the same rebellion and pride that made these angels to fall in the first place.

I find so many parallels laced throughout each of these and I see to what goal. True, I’m not going to say that I side with all the evil characters in these movies, that would be foolish and straight up evil to do so. However, I do hope you are left with some understanding of what is being perpetrated here and to what scale it is being done. The bible says that we as believers in Christ will be hated by all nations. We will be a scourge to their attempts to bring about this One World Government and this “Unity.” However, Just because it is unity does not mean it is good. That would be the equivalent of me saying – “You know I believe Hitler wasn’t all that bad. Just look at the unity and camaraderie his armies had.”

We the Human race are the “evil” entities. Look at this world we have created for ourselves. Is this really the best we got in our own arm, in our own attempts without God? We have now said we will be like God, we no longer need His rule. We have rebelled. Is it any wonder He is coming back to claim what is left that is still His?


I like to paint it this way, very simple and easy to understand.                                                         God created us. God is the source of all that is good.                                                                                     God is Love, take it away and what are you left with? A false love, a lie.                                        God is Light, take it away what are you left with?  Darkness.                                                                God is peace. Take it away and your left with confusion and torment.                                              God is Truth. Take it  away and your left with a lie, a counterfeit.                                                     God is Faith. Take it away and your left with fear.

This is the state of the world now, all these terrible things. God is coming back to reestablish what is rightfully His and what has been taken away and replaced with a counterfeit. He will come and judge those who have destroyed the Earth and He will sit on His throne as King of Kings and Lord of Lords and the Earth will rejoice under His reign. This is the perfection that was intended but in pride and arrogance we took to the Lie perpetrated by those who rebelled against Him and have reaped the world we have created by ourselves because we have forsaken our Creator!   He is coming, and in righteousness He will make war, and I eagerly await Him and the Kingdom and the perfect Earth He will establish forever and ever, Amen.


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