Signs in the Heavens


I’ve been wanting to post a short blurb on this phenomenon. Many will excuse this away as being just an interesting sight and not think much more into it, however it has been encouraged of us to watch for signs in the skies.

Is this just one of those signs? Spirals seem to have had some significance to those in the past and most often have been connected to demons, devils and those from other worlds.


There have been thousands of Petroglyph’s discovered around the world all sharing a very similar story – that of an entrance gate to these demons and destruction following. (This is an interesting study for those who are further interested.) There have now been sightings in the skies over Norway, Russia, and China of these strange spirals. The one over Norway was later reported to be a rouge missile malfunction, however the location and details of this “missile mishap” still do not match up to the location where it actually took place in the sky. Other reports of such spirals in the sky have also surfaced without any explanation from governments who for the most part have been clueless and unable to give any answers. Many have suggested that the recent activity with the hadron collider could be an explanation for this. Being that it was said by the leading scientist of the project that “this could very well be a gate way to other dimensions”. The story with the hadron collider I hope to make a whole other post on as the purpose and intent behind it is quite fascinating. I am posting this information here in hopes of informing you so you can come to your own conclusions on the subject. Could these Spirals be a gate way or opening for other dimensions, or are they simply irrational appearances in the sky with no explanation and no reason to think any more into at all?

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