A message to those who hold the power of the Blood!

I’m posting this because I continue to feel the weight of this subject imploring the need to be delivered to a certain audience whom I feel can be some of the most dull to it – although at the same time can carry the most power and knowledge to combat it. Knowledge that has all but been forgotten through ritualistic theology rather than a deep belief in the supernatural. I am of course talking about the Christian faith and all branches of it. This is a subject that will carry so much weight in times to come yet it is left in the back drop of conversation and if presented would most likely be met with skepticism, criticism, the awkward silence, and the all to common chuckle and smile. Trust me, this is no joke for me folks. I don’t post this to get a raise out of people. I truly believe the time is coming where us Christians will have to wake up to this fact that something more sinister than we’ve imagined is and has infact been planning the greatest deception  mankind will be faced with in times to come. All I can say now is the evidence is all to clear. Its now just left up to you to go and concern yourself with this just a little to see if this be true.

Folks!! there is a gospel being preached by angels who are not sent by God! If this is strange to you and makes you feel uneasy to hear then why don’t you just go ahead and throw your whole bible out because its full of this kind of stuff! Its the same story that took place before the flood with fallen angels coming down to earth, genetically altering our DNA and polluting our human blood lines, and preaching to us another gospel – of them being our saviors and creators. Jesus even stated that “As it was in the days of Noah so shall it be at the coming of the son of man”. (Matthew 24:37) These beings are posing as Aliens today and are communicating with a variety of sources and are now stating that their return to save mankind is soon to come. “False Christs and false prophets shall rise, they shall show great wonders and signs.” (Matthew 24:24)

This plays hand in hand with the rise of the Antichrist and the fact that he will come with something so significant that he will be able to persuade the majority of all Faiths to succumb to this “New gospel”. (Research the Alien gospel) Its as accurate as can be in fulfilling Satan’s agenda. Sure its coated with love and peace all over it but dig deeper and see who are the ones that are being approached and used as tools in this deception. Those who are strong in the occult believe deeply in this soon awakening of humankind. Where are we as Christians when it comes to addressing this subject?

Did you know that Aliens and the Paranormal are the most viewed and researched topics on the web right now? People are looking for substance to this unstable world we live in now and are finding their solace through a variety of sources rather than the true gospel that is out there. Is it because we have ignored the true realities of the spirit and are sooner put off by the subject rather than digging into it to find the truth or the deception that is behind it. Oh sure its comfortable to ignore it, but there are people out there who are searching and are not being offered an alternative due to our lack of knowledge of the depth that this world can take us. We are spirit! Believe it and act on it!

There are things taking place in our world right now that are causing a “widening of eyes” to those who are not preoccupied continually with the static created for the purpose of masking this reality. It is still being hidden to a degree although will not be for much longer, and boy are people gonna have questions when that time comes.

I could go in depth with each topic of how these are being manifested today but I’d rather not repeat what has already been addressed so well. Below I am posting just one Interview with a guy Lynn Marzulli. He is one of a hand full of Christians who are brave enough to enter into these waters and approach this subject from a Christian perspective and from it shed so much light and give so many answers even to those who are secular scholars on this subject and phenomenons. Listen to these audios below to get an over all basic understanding of this deception that could very well play out to be what will cause “even the very elect to be deceived”.

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