One of the main agendas of the Watchers (aka. Nephilim/sons of God/fallen Angels) was the manipulation of DNA. Those who came from the skies and forsook their first estate disobeying God by interacting with humans in a manner of ways that led to rampant evil upon the earth.(See Genesis 6 and the Book of Enoch) Its seems as though they had a divisive plan to take this creation of God and alter it to create their own beings and alter creation for their own purposes.

These Watchers took wives whom in turn became known as witches. They were taught sorcery and magic amongst many other things and from here began to oppress. They then bore children known as the Nephilim – a super race. (See Nephilim page above)

Then here it states that -“they began to sin against birds, wild beasts, reptiles, and fish.” They tried to find genetic codes and thereby bridge similarities between beast and man. Tampering with the creation of God in order to make there own image of God and thereby become as God.

Its almost as if throughout history this agenda has been continually in the works.  Hitler wanted to achieve—a super race of people—that’s what he believed. Well, where did he get that idea? That’s what Hitler wanted, a third Reich, a place of reigning by a supreme race.

And now to see this coming back in our times in full motion certainly raises some questions. One such organization known as the Raelians believe that it has been given to them as their duty by these “Aliens” (aka. Fallen angels) to create a more enhanced human being by genetically altering our DNA. This story sounds all to familiar. Its as if these watchers have come out in full force in the open and are manipulating us humans to believe they our here for our benefit.

When you understand and see through their underline “concerns for humanity” and trace it all the way back to the pre flood you see the pattern emerge in which these beings are intent on destroying humanity. We are cautioned over and over again to be careful not to fall for such things even if an “Angel” were to bring it to you.

The purpose of this post is to show you how real this is and will become more so in the future. This is just one such organization who are bent on seeing this happen. Not to mention their plans to build an embassy in Israel to greet these beings once they come and reveal themselves to us.

Watch here and see how these same fallen watchers from the generations of Enoch and Noah are back again just as Jesus predicted “ as in the days of Noah so shall it be when the Son of Man returns” and their message is still the same…….”you shall be as gods”.

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