By Justin

The heart of it all is a working title of a project I am writing on at the moment. It was months ago that I came to a revelation in my life that forced me to look at the heart of the issue that drives me. I want to take the time to reiterate here that all knowledge, all wisdom, all information, all that is presented in all of the material you will find on this blog should do one thing and one thing only…………….Drive you with immense passion and unquenchable desire to understand the Heart of God and to come to the full knowledge of the only name that will be your sustenance and security in the days to come – Jesus Christ.

This might sound too cliche for some. But I pray that in seeking the true Heart of God – He will lead you into truth regarding this. The only heart that will be filled is one that is truly empty and one that can say – I hold onto nothing, nothing is mine, I put nothing before truth ………..Come!

Our nature fights vehemently against this act and so we must fight all the more vehemently and furiously against our nature.

I will be posting some videos here now that will continue to drive this point to all viewers of this blog. It is vital to remember that as riveting, action packed, and truth ridden all this information is – it means nothing without at the end identifying yourself with the Source and coming into relationship with Creator and imbibing His nature that will be your only security.

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  1. nicolasvrao says:

    Keep on going! You are doing super good. Jesus bless you with great and strenght for the hour. We are with you to the end.
    This world is not our home, we are just a passing through!

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