Greetings to all who may have come across this blog. You will not be required to take your shoes off unless you feel obliged to do so by some of the content. You have stumbled upon something that has the potential to change your world, give you a good laugh, shed a few tears, make you outright mad, take you to new realms you had no prior knowledge of, or just plain upset you with such “stupid ideology and thoughts that have absolutely no basis whatsoever”. If the latter is your reaction “No worries” cheers to you! and fare thee well fellow traveler. May your journeys and search for substance (if this is what you seek) lead you to green pastures flourishing with milk and honey. These may be some reactions that result from delvinginto this site. However the posts that will be presented here are solely for the purpose of creating and provoking thought that is not common and acknowledged by popular society or main stream agenda. The intent of the content is to give you, the viewer, a more rounded understanding of all that is taking place around us. The posts here will by no means express my personal view-point and faith, although I believe there is much knowledge to be gained from viewing all expressed here. Its my wish for each one to come away with some deeper understanding and a greater desire and hunger for truth. Blessings to you and may each of your personal journeys bring you into perfect peace in God’s love and be your support through the times ahead.

(CAUTION/WARNING: for those of who find this site too difficult to stomach and find some topics too hard to bear – worry no longer! Above is posted a special Britney Spears page just for you! So now you may once again indulge and forget about all that is taking place around you.)


With this post I’d like to give an overview of the purpose for creating this blog. Aside from it being a part time hobby of mine — well… I enjoy a good find. I’ve always loved exploring, I’ve always loved going new places and experiencing new things. And in recent years I’ve come across some things that have dramatically changed my perspectives and views of this world we live in, its purpose, and where its all headed.

I’ve always believed in Jesus Christ and that He is the Savior for all mankind but I guess you can say that my familiarity with that statement throughout the years got in the way of me fully understanding what this meant to me personally. Some of what you’ll discover here brought things more down to Earth for me and made them a little more tangible and alive. Rather than it being just a pie in the sky, believe it or not attitude — there has been more depth added and more understanding that has awakened many facets of my Faith that unknown to me had been laying dormant. An all new conviction has been a result of the finds and discoveries made through my searching and questioning.

My purpose here is to get each one of you on your own path of discovery, discovering the enormous depths to which some of these topics go, unraveling and understanding the story it paints and finding the perfect hand of the Creator in it all. And most importantly understanding His divine love for you and every human being.

What I share here is by no means the all and end all. This is only scratching the surface. The fascinating discoveries I’m sure are endless and will become even more fascinating when we graduate from this life into the next. There is so much to learn and understand! That is what drives me. This is what moves me. I’m sorry, but if this world merely contained what we see only on television…I don’t think I would find any reason to continue, and sadly this is the case for so many who don’t know of the treasures of our history. The stories it tells and even more incredibly what it tells us about where were headed. I want to share with those out there the same inspiration that delving into this world has brought me.

I do want to state here that I do not agree with everything expressed on the different videos and articles presented on this blog. However, I see it like an excavator would, and dig out what pieces I believe paint a larger picture. Or rather like a puzzle, and finding the different pieces that fit in proper locations and then discarding the rest or just saving it for further analysis. Some have even discouraged me from beginning my research or “excavating” calling it either “a waste of time, chasing far fetched ideas, dangerous,” or of course the all familiar term “conspiracy theorist.” However, I see it very differently. To some it may be just that but I believe for myself and others out there, this is a source that has been a long time forgotten and clouded purposefully by the “realities” of our present world today.

I believe this world has so much more depth and tells many more stories than what meets the eye. And if the food that is being fed to you by main stream media today quenches your hunger for truth and depth and you don’t question anything about it, well, then maybe thats all the food you need. But for me I want to dig. Sure, I know theres a lot of junk out there, but is that gonna discourage my attempts to find the treasures buried underneath? No! No it will not.

I believe we are at the brink of the most significant time in our history and the stage is being set on both sides of the table. And this play that is shortly to be performed will be an awakening for many people. Otherwise sadly it could be the end of many peoples hope and faith. It is said that “those who understand among the people will instruct many.” I want to understand and if I can shed some light in some way on someones path and bring the faith, hope and peace they need, then heck, I would have a purpose then.

What I hope to leave people with more so than anything else is the knowledge that they have a purpose and a part to fill in the coming events. And that their Creator loves them with a Love unimaginable and would go to any length to save them. I want to leave people with the peace and comfort that comes from knowing this God and the knowledge that this will be their only true support through these dark days that we will shortly be entering. I want people to understand the personal relationship that is available to them with our Creator. I want to give people the tools to begin excavating themselves so they too can continue their journeys in a more informed and jaw dropping, inspired way.

Peace to you fellow travelers and may God lead you on this road we travel.

Thanks for dropping by

Sincerely Justin

If there is any information you have that you feel would be key to this site please contact me at ledeye20@gmail.com



Here are a few of the topics we’ll be covering

RON WYATT – The Ark of the Covenant, Blood of Christ, Red Sea and Mount Sinai discoveries.

DISCLOSURE PROJECT- The Alien agenda, Do Aliens exist? How will Alien belief tie into the New World Order?

ENOCH – The Annunaki, Watchers, Nephilim, The Great Pyramid. To understand history one must first understand – who was Enoch?

LOST BOOKS OF THE BIBLE – Do these books shed light on our history?

RON PAUL – Americas last hope?

GLOBALIZATION AND THE ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT – Exposing the tools used to bring about the New World Order. Global warming, Terror threats, Fear, H1N1 and similar epidemics and the global economic meltdown.

CLONED ANTICHRIST? – Keeping our eyes opened for possible candidates. A few interesting thoughts on one of them.

THE STAR OF BETHLEHEM DISCOVERY – An amazing discovery made of the Star of Bethlehem. What was it really?

ALEX JONES – Documentary film maker and Radio talk show host. A leader in exposing the Global take over.

KEN KLEIN – Some thought provoking insight into the pyramids, spiritual anomalies, and the warfare between good and evil taking place in our universe.


4 Responses to About

  1. Rochelle Rao says:

    Hey Justin,
    Glad you finally have a place to share all the stuff you have been digging up!… I haven’t had a chance to get through more than the ‘home’ and ‘about’ pages but I know I’m gonna have fun reading it all…Also it was too tempting for me to not be the first person to comment! lol!

    Keep blogging…Cus I know you’re loving it!!!

    Rochelle Rao

  2. Deb says:

    Good for you Justin! Looks like a lot of brain stimulating & soul searching material…looking forward to sorting through it & finding the puzzle pieces. 🙂

  3. Breeze says:

    Rossi just skyped me about this, so just checkin it out> love what I’ve read so far! Check out Grants blog “Moral Outrage” theres lots to gleam there! Love ya Bro.

  4. michael says:

    This stuff is just too far fetched for me! I want to go watch CNN and cuddle with my security blanket!

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