Ark of Covenant

RON WYATT – The Ark of the Covenant, Blood of Christ.

This is a fascinating discovery by an amatuer archeologist by the name Ron Wyatt. He has been credited for the discovery of Noahs Ark, the true Red sea crossing of the Isrealites and their journeys path through todays Saudi Arabia and to the Mount Sinai known as Jabel El Lawz. He has claimed in one of his later discoveries to have found the Ark of the Covenant. With this discovery he makes a remarkable statement to have found that the blood of Christ had dripped directly onto the mercy seat of the Ark from directly above where Christ was crucified. This is the location of the place of “the Scull” or “Golgatha” where underneath lies a series of caves where Jeremiah the prophet hid the Ark during the invasion of the Babylonians. Unaware that centuries later Christ would be crucified directly above fullfilling the covenant and making the ultimate sacrifice upon the Ark. You watch, You discover, You decide.

You can visit this site and read the full story here  #mce_temp_url#

another site to check out is

Here is part 1 of this documentary of Ron Wyatts find. Its older and not flashy although shares alot about the find. once you finish part 1 simply click on part 2 and so on.

Here is Ron’s own testimony

Here is Kent Hovind talking about Ron Wyatt and his find. Again click on part 2 when finished.


One Response to Ark of Covenant

  1. Bob Nesler says:

    Your Ark is almost right. You have taken the time to read the Bible. A good depiction
    is available in some of Ahab’s ivories.
    Bob Nesler

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