Britney Spears

Ahhh! yes…’ve made it! Finally you can once again indulge and rid yourself of such concerns that saturate the rest of this blog. No doubt posted by some lunatic, conspiracy theorist! Heck, lets just label anyone who threatens our established order with that label. That way its a sure bet people will begin to ignore him. Oh enough with such serious talk….it bores me. So as we promised you here — Britney Spears ladies and gentlemen. You no longer have to think about anything. Just sit back and relax, let your mind go blank and go ahead and get caught up with the latest gossip and trends that truly are the concerns of our present world. Here we will post Britney Spears and anything that gets our dumbed down, lab mice to sleep to our lullaby. Ummm! whoops……did I just type that?! Oh well here you are.

Heres an interesting song. This ones actually for Britney, sweet stuff.


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