Enoch Nephilim Annunaki

ENOCH – The Annunaki, Watchers, Nephilim, The Great Pyramid. To understand history one must first understand – who was Enoch?

Enoch, a man who would play such an integral role in our history but so much of his story covered up through time and to hide what? Some of the things that are acredited to him have been – the role he played with the fallen angels, becoming the mediator between them and God, the great knowledge of the universe that had been given to him by God and the understanding of many things.  The part of this story that I find most interesting is what plays out between him and these “angels”. In the Bible it quotes “as in the days of Noah, so shall it be in the time of the end”. Well what exactly took place in that time? And why were things so terrible that humanity had to be destroyed? In brief the story goes – These Angels or “Watchers” (which many refer to as Aliens today) were sons or creations of God.

There were a certain number of these “watchers” who met on a mountain (Mt Hermon) together and decieved by Satan decided to take to themselves the daughters of men as they saw that they were quite fair and a very beautiful and unique creation of God. Together they made a pact and swore that they would all disobey God and come down to Earth. Well they ended up taking to themselves these women and spreading their seed amongst them. Polluting the perfect DNA God had created our breed with and in turn creating a new offspring called the Nephilim which the Bible refers to in Gen 6:4 and Numbers 13:33.

The most ancient text in the world are the Sumerian tablets. These tablets tell a very similar story to that found in the book of Enoch. Although from the perspective of the “Watchers”. In it there is a certain race called the Annunaki who come and give secrets and knowledge to the human race. Infact many cultures and ancient civilizations around the world all tell a very similar story of this unique happening in history. Although the book that sheds most light on this is taken from the book of Enoch. In it these creatures (aka. Aliens) approach Enoch to beseech God for them as they have been abandoned from Gods presence. And here is where Enoch gets taken up into the heavens by God and given the secrets of the universe to be written and stored in books for mankind, and then God goes on to give a sentence to these “angels” and their Nephilim offspring.

As you read from the book of Enoch (Posted below) and watch the assorted videos presented here I believe you will gain a much larger perspective and understanding of all these “angels” are attributed to throughout our history. And “as in the days of Noah so shall it be in the time of the end”. Could there be fallen angel visitations today? And could they be bringing and influencing humans the same as they did before? (See Disclosure Project page) You Watch, You Discover, You Decide.

The Book of Enoch

I want to encourage all those viewing this who are interested in it to do some research on the Nephilim, or the Annunaki. I will leave some website links here you can visit to get started. Although I do want to state again that although I am advertising these sites I do not wholly agree with 100% of the content although I think there are alot of fascinating finds within. Here you are #mce_temp_url# google Annunaki and Nephilim, these are just to get you started.

This is a must hear. Its long but if you have time to listen to it I think you’ll find it very fascinating.


6 Responses to Enoch Nephilim Annunaki

  1. seerfax says:

    There is a new game coming out next year about Enoch… look up “El Shaddai!” I put together a mini little report about it here:


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  3. jonathan kelly says:

    I enjoyed the information about the Nephilim,ect….What are your views on the earth being one land mast in the beginning of creation?(Gen.1:9,10) Also, check it out when it was divided(Gen.10:25); do you think this is why some artifacts of the same are found on different Continents in parralization? Maybe when the earth was divided people became traped on either side for thousands of years. The Bible is filled with so much hidden information you really have to do a lot of research to understand. Look at the Tower of Babel, why did God divided the languages? Maybe today what we think of as a primitive pile of bricks was really a……..launching tower……like NASA. Were the Nephilim tryin to get back into Heaven???

  4. Aliens equal demonic hybrids propagated in the days of Noah and called men of renown, and afterward–after the flood, and even now again are they being propogated as is evidenced by the abductions of people by UFOs, who report the manipulation of thie sexual organs and the extraction of sprem and ovum. Aswell as messages of impending disasters. I believe this to be preparation for the final days and the rise of antichrist.

  5. nessie1995 says:

    True, humans DNA was manipulated to fit the image of them.

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