I believe anyone who is sincerely seeking will too find the content in these to be revealing and awakening. These cover in depth I believe what is to be the greatest deception humanity has ever faced and the greatest cover up history has ever known. The content in these podcasts deal mainly with the fallen angels and the many facets in which they are playing out in todays world and have played throughout history.

Such as — Ancient civilizations/UFOs/Giants/Aliens/Nephilim/Roots of Religions/Ancient and Hidden Technologies/And so much more………….

These are a great way to not only become familiar with such topic – but each interview sheds so much more light on another detail that by the end you will feel very well rounded and versed with all the information you’ve gained as a result.

I guarantee these will blow your mind and open doors you never knew existed. Have a blast folks!!

PID Radio – with L.A. Marzulli

Future Quake – with  Joe Jordan

Aliens Pt1 with Tom Horn

Aliens Pt2 with Tom Horn

Dry Wind – with Ali Siadatan

Angels and Demons – with Paradox Brown

Blog Talk Radio – with Gary Bates on Alien Intrusion

PID Radio – with Guy Malone

Blog Talk Radio – with Joe Jordan

Kevin Smith Show – with Dr Edgar Mitchell

Lynn Marzulli Show – with Dr leir

Dry Wind Radio – with L.A Marzulli

Future Quake Show – with Michael Heiser

Blog Talk Radio – with Randy DeMain

No where to run Radio – with Joe Jordan

PID Radio – with L.A. Marzulli Pt 2

Michael Heiser on the Divine Counsel

TFC Radio – with L.A Marzulli

PID Radio – with Tom Horn

Dry Wind Radio – with Stephen Yulish



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