Lost Books

There have been a number of books that were not added to the King James version Bible. Many of these books are found in the Catholic Bible and then there are still some that have surfaced in a variety of ways throughout history. Many people claim that for this reason these books are not credible, however when researching further as to why some of these books have not been given and widely exposed to the public you find in some cases a common cover up so as not to reveal certain key spiritual insight and information. That is not to say that all these books are factual, and portray true history. I do believe that some of these books have infact been either tampered with or written for the purpose of distraction. So I do want to caution those who want to go further into some of these books to be led by the Holy Spirit as It will give you the understanding you need. I do believe that a variety of these books hold certain key information regarding our history or fascinating insight regarding certain biblical characters that you too will find enjoyable reading. So I will be posting a number of them here and will let you make your own interpretation. I encourage you to research further into the story of each of these books as to how throughout the years they have been hidden. Infact many of these books were widely known and used throughout Jewish history, as well as by the early church.

You will find nothing in these selected texts that contradict our original faith, but a great deal that enhances and adds a certain zestiness to it, if you’re the type of person who has heard the Bible stories told over and over again.  The Bible is the inspired Word of God and is infallible, but leaves a lot of gaps and missing piecess.  Think of a huge puzzle with only certain parts filled in.  These texts fill in many of these missing parts.  They should cause you to search for the truth more vehemently and want to know what is the whole truth!   You Watch, You Discover, You Decide.

The Book of Enoch

The Book of Jubilees

The Forgotten Books of Eden

The Apocrypha

The Gospel of Nicodemus

More to come!


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