Tom Horn and Steve Quayle Series

I’m going to venture and say something here to all those who frequent this blog and to those of you who will eventually come across this some way or another. There is a lot of content you’ll find here on a variety of topics all pertaining to this other dimension that has been obscured and so neglected and otherwise hidden for a purpose that is alarming those who are concerned about where the trend and forecast of this planets future is headed.  I feel the need and urgency to encourage all those out there to find the time to listen to this series of interviews as I believe it could be an integral factor to keeping your faith through what may very well be the greatest deception our faith has ever encountered. There will be a great falling away of those who do not understand among the people,  so much so  that, ” if it were possible, it shall deceive the very elect.” If there would be one climactic reason for this blog I would say it would be to prepare those and equip those for what could very well be The Great Delusion, as it will happen and many will be left simply unaware and uninformed to how this infact is the way this great story was to play out. I again urge you to take the time to go over this series of audios, this could play out to be the determining factor of your faith in times ahead. Tom Horn and Steve Quayle address an issue here that is becoming more prevalent and  widely discussed  in both secular and non secular circles. This is a whole study that I believe will be well worth your time in the long run as it also encapsulates much of what this blog consists of.  Please take the time to listen to the entire interview as there is incredible information dispersed all throughout.






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